Fleet Management Optimization Software

fleetNET solution

fleetNET is a remote vehicle monitoring and positioning system that provides accurate insight into the position and status of all tracked vehicles in real time and allows optimal management of your entire vehicle fleet.


The location of the vehicle is determined by a positioning device installed in the vehicle, which, with the help of a SIM card, sends the position, speed and direction of movement of the vehicle, which are transmitted through the network of the mobile operator to a central server.


Compatible with most GPS devices


White Label GPS Software




Easily scalable


  • Smanjenje-troškova
    Reduced costsRoute optimization and insight into fuel consumption significantly reduce fuel costs, mileage, hours and the number of vehicles required
  • Sprečavanje-zloupotreba-vozila-i-sredstava
    Prevention of misuse of vehicles and assetsAccess to the position and status of each vehicle and real time alerts reduce the risk of fleet misuse.
  • Usklađivanje-sa-zakonskim-propisima
    Compliance with legal regulationsThe entire solution complies with the Law on Traffic Safety, with the option of alerting in case of violation of regulations.
  • Unapređenje-bezbednosti-ljudi-i-sredstava
    Improving the security of people and assetsReal-time monitoring and alerts, as well as detailed reporting, enhance vehicle, cargo and driver safety.
  • Fleet Management - Business Process ImprovementHaving real-time information and optimizing fleet management significantly increases the quality of business processes in the transportation of people and goods.


Vehicle tracking

Provides the ability to remotely monitor and position vehicles as well as view the position and status of all tracked vehicles in real time.

Vehicle movement history

Reports and detailed analytics of vehicle movements over a chosen time interval with the choice of reporting for an individual vehicle or group of vehicles.




Enables optimal creation of geographical areas, routes of movement of vehicles and points of interest, as well as notification of vehicle entry into or departure from them.


Reports include a variety of information and are searchable by date and vehicle.

Security monitoring

Option of setting up virtual radars and reporting on the number of driving hours, in compliance with the prescribed standards from the Law on Traffic Safety.


Instant notification and warning of all incidents while using the vehicle (entering or leaving the geo-zone, speeding, stopping, etc.)

servisna knjiga

Service book

The service book is designed to plan and monitor different types of services and optimize fleet management.

eksterni sistemi

External systems

The platform provides the ability to integrate with external systems and thus allows full control of business processes in transportation.

Parking management

Parking management

Enables drivers to significantly cut down the time required to find an available parking space, thereby helping to reduce traffic jams and gas emissions, while improving the utilization of parking spaces.

Waste management

Improves waste management operation and usage of the garbage trucks. It monitors the filling level of the underground waste containers and notifies responsible service providers when waste should be collected.

Partner program

fleetNET is a comprehensive platform for GPS tracking and fleet management. As a partner, you can offer re-branded GPS tracking solutions to end customers in your area. We provide all the necessary technical support.

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